Observer & Satellite Data

Observer :
Latitude: Longitude:
Two Line Elements :

Orbital Elements

Catalog Number:

International Identification:

Epoch Year:

Epoch: -

BSTAR drag term:

Inclination: degrees

Right Ascension of Ascending Node: degrees


Argument of the Perigee: degrees

Mean Anomaly: degrees

Mean Motion: revs per day

Revolution Number at Epoch: revs

Semi Major Axis: km

Perigee: km

Apogee: km

Orbital Period: min.

Current Position



Ground Track *experimental

SatPlot (popup)

3D View *experimental / Web GL required

OrbView (popup)

Pass Prediction (Next 20 days, 10 degrees above horizon)

GRAY: Not visible (the satellite is in the earth's shadow and/or the sun is above the horizon)
EL: elevation, AZ: azimuth, phase angle: sun-satellite-observer angle
chart: Starchart on the Starlit Night (popup), map: Groundtrack on the Satplot (popup)